Saturday, October 23, 2077

In the beginning...

I know there are tons of TS3 stories and legacies out there already, but my TS3 simmies really weren't moving me to blog or write about them in any way. After an unexpected and rather sad hiatus, I'm wandering my way back among my simmies, to see who talks to me still and who doesn't (most aren't). My active stories (The Holldums, Patrick's Farmer Wants a Wife, and the Shmeaus) all have blogus interruptus comments/warnings/updates on them and with no motivation driving me to pick up my TS2 stories, I thought I'd instead try my hand documenting a TS3 legacy. Nothing fancy. Probably more "X did this. Y got this job. Z married A." than anything plot driven. But I figured it might help me get a feel for storytelling in TS3.

So I decided to pull a Captain Angelia and dump my sim!self onto a lot in Riverview (or Riverwhatever it is) to see how things go.

Check the Side Bar for updates; I haven't decided yet if I want to post a table of contents on the home page or not. Likewise, if I keep with this I probably will eventually put up a stats page and a links page... but we'll see what the future holds.

There's a pseudo - faq over there