Friday, May 21, 2010

Don't call it an Update!

Don't Call it an Update!

Er ya, it's not really an update. It's more just wrapping up what pictures I do have squirreled away for these folks. Because a couple people asked what happened next.

So if you recall... our pseudo legacy revolves around the smexy Sherman Bagley...

The Godmother of Riverview, Ma Bagley.

"You got that one right. Word to my peeps."

*sigh* Ma!

The adorably cuddly first born and heir, Sloan Bagley.

And this grumpy, Don-deprived bitch.


Anyway, don't look for much real story here. Mostly it's just pictures and comments, most of which are in the actual order they appeared in game.

Last chapter Sloan toddlerfied and is proving to be a precocious little goober who's adored by just about everyone.

I mean, really, how can you not want to scoop and snuggle this little guy?

Even Ma can't resist his charms.

Of course, Sloan is Ma's favorite grandchild too. Rhoda's popped out one and had another on the way, but I'm not sure that Ma even knows they're alive. It's all about Sloan.

"Not to talk bad about your father, boy, but he's a namby pamby policeman. I can't rightly leave the power and control of the Organization to him. His presence in the Board Room is hardly apt to make the subordinates quiver in fear. But if you start on the right path, now while you're young..."

"But GwandMa, I want to bwe a doctwore."

"Er, well, that works too. I guess I'll leave it to Rhoda then."

A doctor, huh Sloan? A good choice. You'll make lots of money there...

... the gods know your Mom's not bringing it in with the smut novels she's been writing.

"It's a contemporary fiction series!"


As his mother ignored his budding young mind to write domestic engineering pr0n, Sloan's grandmother stepped in to teach him his A-B-Cs and the finer points of lockpicking. But Ma's time wasn't only spent on her grandson's education.

She also kept busy with making sure the household was in tip top shape...

... and wooing herself a new man, since her last romantic interest stuck his spoon in the wall shortly after Kettie moved in.

Unfortunately, her luck wasn't much better this time around. In the biffy? *wince* What a way to go.

I'm beginning to wonder, though, if Ma is on the take with Grimmy. Prepping herself a male harem for the afterlife or something.

"Really winner of a son ya got there Ma."

*sigh* "Tell me about it Mags. My daughter has more balls than he does. I'm beginning to wonder if Kettie knocked boots with the neighbor and Sloan is really Don's kid."

"Ah, she wishes Ma."

"Excuse me, do you children's parties?"

Funny you should ask about that Kettie...

Since there are a few parties coming up. First is the dual birthday for Sherman and Kettie, both taking that bold step in to full adulthood.

Sherman didn't seem to weather the change so well, but that could just be the default skin I'm using. Kettie... er... I swear Kettie's nose got larger.


Party outtake: Don's appearance at the party was not well received by the Bagley siblings.

But it's this guy who has the important birthday. And it's only right that Sloan is brought to the cake by his favorite family member, Grandma Ma.

And with the traditional birthday sparkles and exploding toddler crotch this cute little toddler...

...grew up into a cute young man, er boy. Yes, that's the outfit he grew up into. It's okay but the hair needs to go.

Don't ask me what trait he got. I don't remember.

While the rest of the adults pigged out on cake, Sloan ran off to play with one of the bazillion Crosby children who was very excited when he asked if she liked parties. That's cool, because Sloan is excitable himself.

Sloan also likes rocks. Seriously. He's constantly thinking about them or rolling up wants to find them.

Once Sloan got done chatting up the Crosby girl, he headed out to the living room for a birthday surprise, this one from his grandma.



Sheesh ya cowards.

Yes, Grimmy decided it was time for Ma Bagley to shuffle off this mortal coil, right in the middle of her grandson's party. I think next time Kettie sees him, she will not ask if Grimmy does children's parties.

"Don, if I hear yew make one comment about how ya've never ded gal before, yer gonna be sleepin' in the barn."

"We already sleep in a barn Ruby."

Our birthday boy was understandably distraught. I felt terrible out having Ma die on his big day but hey, isn't this the sort of stuff that's supposed to happen in Legacies? As it was, people were so crowded around the spot where Ma died, that Grimmy had to go to the kitchen in order to reap her.

"Hey, where's my drink?"


"Aren't I supposed to have a frilly drink? And Hula Girls? And a one way ticket to the great Luau in the sky, complete with luggage?"

"Oh. Sorry, the union changed the rules on us. You'll have to make do with a firm handshake."


Ma's death put a damper on the rest of the party and guests started wandering off. Kettie was not amused by the whole situation and was looking for her arch nemesis to shove around a bit.

Ruby Broke-Lothario had left already, dragging her husband off before he humped the ottman or something, so Kettie had to be content with terrorizing a perpetually-expecting Heather Crosby.

Grimmy, however stuck around for a while, cleaning up and basically trying to avoid getting underfoot. At one point, while he was in the bathroom washing up, Sheman had an attack of the vapors and fainted... right in front of the door.

"WTH? Geez, lady, can you move your husband? He's going to make me late. I've got a reaping at the Babii household in 20 minutes."

::I hope Ma's happy in the afterlife. Sloan's sure gonna miss her though.::

You're close Kettie. Sloan is inconsolable. He's lost his best friend. And on his birthday too. That's gotta scar a kid.

Gratuitous close up so you can see how cute the little goober is. He looks a lot like Sherman, but I think he got Kettie's eyes. And I'm pretty sure that's her nose.
I lost this hair in the great World Adventures CC purge. I really need to track it down again.

Sherman continues to wander around and lose it various places around the house, while Kettie followed him, looking annoyed. I love the "OMG I'm torn up over Ma's death too but really... WTH did you marry me off to?" look from her here.

But time and tide wait for no man, and morning soon came and the school bus was honking for Sloan's first day at school.

From which he quickly returned with his first homework. So Sherman decided to give him a hand...

And Sloan questioned everything his Dad told him. Apparently he questioned him too much because even through they finished the homework it never registered as complete and his grades immediately became teh suk.

After failing to help his son with his homework, Sherman went inside to console as still heart broken Kettie

One thing led to another and soon he was suggesting that he could console her a little better in bed winkwinknudgenudgeknowwhutImeanVern

She knew quite what he meant and immediately whipped out the invertebrates.

"That's a hand held massager!!"

And since feather dusters and jellyfish means romance for these two, you know the smooching wasn't far off.

I'm not sure about the thinking of Ma as you're off to woohoo your hubby though Kettie... unless she's wondering if Ma's getting some in the Afterlife and then that's just weird. ew.

But that's all the pics I have from my last major play session with these guys. Then Brewfest happened World Adventures came out and I pulled all my CC and I wasn't sure if their hood would work without all the CC. I've just started toying around with a test copy of their save so who knows, maybe they'll make the move to Ambitions.