Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Do's and Don'ts

"Well my mama told me don't lose you, 'cause the best luck I had was you.
And I know... one thing... that I love you..."

Last time we visited our illustrious heroine in Riverview, she had gotten lucky, changed jobs, gone steady with her sweetie, and gotten an invite to move in with him. He had a present for her when she arrived: a nice diamond ring. So what's she up to now? Let's find out.

Hmm...*peers* Cleaner of Hearts: The Buffer's Bargain?



Stop reading over my shoulder!

I'm just curious.

I'm working on my writing skills.

By writing smut novel fan fiction?

Are you harassing me for a reason?

Just getting a start on the next chapter.

Well, get your start going and leave me alone.

Oh very well... when our illustrious novelist heroine got moved in, she discovered that her intended wasn't the only resident of the place.

I already knew that!

And of course the two other residents throw a bit of a monkey wrench into things.

Ya think.

First is Ma Bagley. Ma's life bar was completely filled at 92 days. Now , I realize that means she could die later today, or two weeks from now (I've had one sim make it to 120 days; I was ready to kill him just to get rid of him). However, I didn't want to risk Ma buying the farm (well, another farm, since she already lives on one) and harshing Kettie and Sherman's engagement buzz. Since I'm a cheaty little wench, I have a "buyable life fruit mod" installed, along with another mod that makes life fruit more on par with the elixir from TS2. So I had Ma pop a life fruit, which gave her a couple extra days

Kettie's other new roommate is Rhoda Bagley, Sherman's older sister. Now, I was planning on moving Rhoda out to her own place so she could start her own family (plus it frees up space for Sherman and Kettie) The only problem was that Rhoda was only a day or so away from hitting elderhood. That and that hair style and makeup job do very little to make her seem terribly appealing to the opposite sex.

So I had Rhoda pop a few life fruit and then go in for a make over. I think she looks a lot better. Of course, she seems to realize her days are numbered. I'm just hoping she can find a man one I send her out on her own.

I have no problems with Ma sticking around. She's a character, she gets along well with Kettie, and, well, if she's still alive when the two do manage to reproduce it's always good to have an extra hand around the house. *chuckle*

Of course, in the week or so that the Bagley family was computer controlled, Ma's been a little busy.

"Ma, did you hear? I'm engaged. I asked Kettie to marry me last night."

"That's nice son. If you're planning on getting married, you'll need that stiff drink. Now you'll have to excuse me. I've got a hot man waiting for me at the garden gate."

That's right. Ma struck up a romantic relationship with Henry McGlum, one of the three elder bachelors. They're kind of cute together.

Psst. Kettie! Couldn't you have put some clothes on for dinner?

Pshaw. Why? Sherman's seen me in less.

Yes but you're also dining with your future mother-in-law and her 'gentleman friend'.

Yah yah... whatever.

I'd thought about moving Henry in for Ma, but sadly as he was leaving that night, I got the pop up that he didn't have long to live. Sure enough, he passed away the next day. Ma cried constantly over the next couple days.

Sherman's lifetime want (or whatever they're called in TS3) is to be a forensic specialist, which is in the law enforcement/police career path. So I sent him over to the PC to look for a new job...

...and he was promptly distracted away from it (luckily after he had applied for the job).

Excuse me, do you mind? A little privacy here?

What, were you planning on doing him in the easy chair or something?

Hardly, but knowing you, you'd follow us upstairs... spy on us during our intimate times... that sorta thing.

Moi? Never. Just don't stay up to late kiddos. You both have to work in the morning.

And indeed, the "get work notice" came way too early for Kettie. *snicker*

You're enjoying this, aren't you?

Heh. Just don't wear yourself out too much at work. Make some new friends or something.

Great. What do you have planned now?

Oh... nothing...

Just a little wedding party. Since one of the two of them gets home at 2 and the other at 3, it's going to be 5 pm at the earlier the wedding can start. Hopefully it won't get too dark for Sherman. Kettie hasn't had a chance to discover that lovely little 5th trait of Sherman's... cowardice *evil grin*

Sherman's obviously happy with his change of profession, now that he's actually working towards his LTW. However, that formal outfit is just not going to cut it. I think it's time to run him through the wardrobe and see if we can't find something a little better to wear.

Mmmm... much nicer. The tux suits him, no? *grin*

You're looking quite dashing there Sherman. Now, be a dear and ring up your wedding guests

Your bride to be is in the other room having an attack of the butterflies

I am not. I'm quite fine. Excited, but fine.

Oh, I guess those are wedding bells there and not butterflies or moths or something.

Sheesh. The most important day of my life and you're harassing me.

Buck up little camper...

Your guests are arriving for the ceremony.

I feel gypped. No one brought snacks to the wedding. I suppose it could be because I bought the buffet table. Usually for weddings and birthday parties, my guests inundate me with food. I don't have to cook for days afterwards. Ah well, I suppose no wedding snacks means less stinky food to clean out of the fridge in a couple days.

For those curious as to who's who. The gentleman in the black jacket and tan slacks is George Dean (yes, The George Dean). He's Sherman's boss. The gal in the lilac maternity dress is their neighbor Ginny McDermott, and in front of her is Kettie's old coworker from the Bistro, Mags Newbie.

Can't have a wedding without an open bar, ya know? *grin*

"Hey man, nice place."

"Thanks Billy. Drink?"

"Don't mind if I do. You might want a couple yourself."

"Why does everyone keep telling me that?"

And Don comes jogging in late to the party, sporting a baby blue tux.

He then proceeded to jam up the front porch and stand there grinning like an idiot. That's Odin Crosby, another of Kettie's old Bistro coworkers, waiting for him to move. On the porch itself, Heather Crosby is leering at The Don, while Sherman's ex Ruby apparently still has romance on her mind.

Ma Bagley wandered around the place, pausing every so often to sob over the loss of Henry. I had her go to the cemetery and manage the dead, so she could put his tombstone about. He's catercorner from Sherman's dad Sam Bagely. Ma gave both Sam and Henry a good mourning before she headed home.

Behind Ma, in his dress camos, is Hunter Cottoneye.

For it being a wedding, the guests were not on their best behaviour.

June Shallow snuck up and scared the groom spitless.

And the Don tried to grope the bride.

Oh he did not!

He was thinking about it.

But he didn't, so don't say he did. Although I might have liked it if he had.

Sherman probably wouldn't have, and he was watching the two of you like a hawk.

Well it's not like Sherman didn't have some person trying to make a play for him.

True. His ex Ruby tried to flirt him up.

Thought she could one up me with the feathers too. Oh she's cultured. She flirts with quill pents, rather than feather dusters. Hmmph.

Yes, but Sherman wasn't having any part of it. You didn't see the big red negative signs.

See, he loves me. Not her, me.

Like you doubted him?


Oh... we might want to get things underway here. Sherman's starting to get bored.

And it's starting to get dark out.

What's that have to do with anything?

Oh nothing... nothing. But just a few more shots of the guests.

*sigh* Oh all right.

The Crosbys -- Odin and Heather -- were nice and polite guests... even if Heather was caught ogling Don several times.

Rhoda, however, was peeved the whole time. No doubt she realized that shortly after the ceremony was over, she was getting the boot off the lot.

Ruby (Broke) spent her time alternating between staring wistfully at Sherman and looking peeved as hell at the happy couple.

And with all the other wedding I've thrown, I never noticed that the guests threw rice. I don't know if it's because I usually throw inside weddings or if the light was hitting the rice just right or what. I just never noticed it before. Of course, I never figured Hunter for the rice throwing type.

I love how Don is getting a little verklempt back there.

Are you done babbling about my guests? Can we say our vows and exchange our rings now?

All right, all right. Impatient much?

It is my wedding day, dammit. I want to get married.

"Yes ma'am?"

Huh, you agree with me?

Actually I think that was Sherman.

You might want to pay attention to your vows.

Oh geez. You've got me so worked up with your paying attention to everyone but me that I've lost my place. Is this where I say I Do?

No, this is where Sherman says I do and you put his ring on.

Now you can say "I do."

*draws a deep breath*

Do. Not. Squee.

And now Riverview, please welcome Mr. and Mrs. Bagley into your midst.

I love how most of the guys are excited or all emotional over the ceremony, while most of the women either look annoyed or look like they couldn't care less. *chuckle*

See what I mean. Ruby, June, and Mags all look bored or annoying.

Who cares about them?


"I love you Mrs. Bagley."

And I love you too, Mr. Bagley.

Do you think you might be interested in a little... mumblemumble...

Oh no. I know what that vase of roses tends to lead to. You can at least wait until you guests have left before you jump each other. Now go mingle.

And see what I mean about the men vs the women. George is all emotional and caught up in the moment. Mags looks bored and June looks peeved. Sheesh people.

Don, while very happy and excited for Kettie, was also very glad that it wasn't he getting married tonight.

"Damn Straight."

Sherman went over to chat with Ruby and he confessed his attraction to Kettie to her. She looks just crushed, doesn't' she? That little dagger is not a cheating an icon but the "enemy" icon. She got that thought bubble quite often when thinking about or talking about Kettie. I don't think she ever spoke directly to her.

Sherman and Ruby actually do get along decently, despite being "exes" After chatting with Ruby for a while, he asked her to dance. Not to be outdone.

Kettie proceeded to get down with Don and his powder blue suit.

Don looks quite nice in his suit.

I think Don could wear anything and you'd think he looks nice.

He'd look nice even wearing nothing at all... Hey, could you arrange that?


As the guests started to leave, Kettie and Sherman sat down to have a bite to eat with Hunter. I'm not sure what sort of 'proposal' Hunter just had for the new couple, but Kettie looks a bit shocked at it.

Oh nonsense. He was just offering just congratulations and commenting that we were the loveliest couple he had seen in a while.

He lives in a bunker back in the woods. What does he know about good looking couples.

Hunter might surprise you. You never know.

Once the reception was over, Kettie did the OMGIMMARRIED! squee over her wedding ring.

I've never had a sim do it, though I've seen plenty of people post about it and include it in their stories. Personally, I think she did it just to get out of cleaning up the dishes.

I did not!

And of course, when the reception was all tidied up, the married couple headed up to the honeymoon suite to do what married couple usually do on their wedding night.

Now, as I tried to mention earlier...


Would you be interested in a little... mumblemumble...

"Actually, I was thinking about a little... whisperwhisper..."

Before I get yelled at, lets give them just a little privacy *grin* We've got some strings to wrap up here in the house anyway.

Ma Bagley is drowning her sorrows at the bar. With as many drinks as she's mixed up, she should be feeling fine for quite a while.

"Yeah, but I might finally get some grandchildren. Sam would be so happy."

That leaves us with Rhoda. Yep, time for big sister to move out.

And she doesn't look to happy about it. I don't know why she's upset. It's not like I'm kicking her to the curb. She's moving into one of Jenba's houses. The Charles to be exact. Hopefully she manages to hook up with someone. I guess we'll see.

So we'll wrap this chapter up here. Still no chimes from the happy couple. Ma Bagley would really like to see a grandchild (she's got the wish locked; she spun it up right after the wedding) and... well... this is a legacy of sorts. They need at least one spawn for heir.

But I suppose that's a matter for a future chapter.

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