Sunday, August 23, 2009

No Longer Looking

Wanda looked all around this town and all she found was Earl...

So when we last left the heroine of our little story, she'd found a job in the Culinary industry (which she hated) and after much lusting after The Don she also found Sherman, her intended (whom she decided she didn't hate). Of course, we're a long way from getting the two of them hitched. Let's hope she doesn't blow it before that happens. Let's catch up with her and see how things are going.

Kettie finally had enough money to be able to buy an easel. Since she wants to master both writing and painting, I figured I'd better get her started on that now.

So... just what are you painting?

I call this one "Girl with pigtails skipping to school."

Looks more like "Deranged hillbilly clown" to me, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Every time Kettie tried to call Sherman during the day, she got the "I'm busy, call me back in X hours"... except that in X hours she's at work (culinary had her working 3 to 9) Well, that wasn't getting them any closer to moving in, much less getting hitched, so when Kettie finally had a couple days off I had her invite Sherman over and ask him to stay the night.

I missed you.

"I missed you too. It's a shame you can't work regular hours like the rest of us."

Tell me about it. I'm not the one who picked this lame ass career.

Well.... you sorta kinda are. You wanted the culinary career.

I don't want it any longer. I want to paint and write and do... um.. things with Sherman.

Heh. I bet you do. I'll think about the career thing.

Sherman had no qualms with staying the night, and didn't even seem too upset by the lack of lighting on Kettie's lot. That could be because she kept him too busy to panic over the darkness.

You really should give classical music a good listen sometime. Mozart has some beautiful pieces, and his operas... The Magic Flute, for example...

"Actually, I have a preferance for The Marriage of Figaro..."

I don't know Sherman... those moves seem straight out of Don Giovanni to me.

All the flirting apparently wore our lovebirds out because after all the talking about hearts and flowers and household implements they decided to sleep together...

In the literal sense, of course. I suppose I should be happy that Sherman actually found the bed this time, rather than passing out in front of the counter again.

Day two started with Kettie completely ignoring her guest, while Sherman was traumatized by the minnow sushi that had been left out the night before.

Psst. You might want to lay off the painting and pay attention to Sherman.

Not yet.


I'm waiting to see if he'll to clean the toilet and scrub the shower.

Your house guest is not your maid!

I finally got her pulled away from her latest 'masterpiece', which looks slightly less like a paint store exploded than the last one.


Did you ask him why he was reading your smut novel?

"Cleaner of Hearts" is not a smut novel! It's a very good contemporary fiction series with deep character development and an intriguing plot.

Heh. Man maid smut fiction. Now I know where you get your feather duster fetish from.

Grr... Anyway, Sherman says his sister is addicted to the books and leaves them all over the house. Often times it's the only thing around to read.

*shakes head slowly*

After discovering that she shared a favorite reading genre with Sherman, she proceeded to flirt him up with cutlery and kitchen utensils. *facepalm*

I really miss the conversation spatulas from TS2.

These two were actually quite funny to watch all afternoon. They'd flirt and romance for a while, then one of them would try to go do something else... except the other would follow them and stand around staring until they stopped whatever they were doing so the other could flirt some more. I think the only reason they even ate was because I told Kettie to serve dinner.

Oh... he's asking me about jewelry and diamonds and stuff. Does this mean he's thinking about asking me to marry him

We can only hope.

Before the gemstone conversation could progress any farther, however....

Kettie's ass went off. Er, her cell phone rang.



Er... I can't talk right now...

Damn straight you can't.

I've got company. I'd be a terrible host if I ignored them and chatted on the phone to you all night.

And some of us would be rather annoyed with you if you did that too...

I'll give you a call in the morning, okay? Have a good night.

Would you leave The Don alone? You are not getting the Don, although if Indie Stone hooks him up with someone and he spawns, your kids and his kids might get together. Now go pay attention to Sherman before he gets suspicious.

Apparently Kettie was feeling a little guilty about chatting up the Don while Sherman was there, because she laid it on thick and heavy

And then she whipped out the feather duster for yet another round of flirting. *snicker*

I finally gave in and bought Kettie a light. Less because Sherman was occasionally tossing up "It's Dark! OMGWTFBBQ!" thought bubbles and more because the dark was making picture taking a pain.

"Oh hon, you know just what to say to a man."


"Could I interest you in a little... mumble mumble... "

"And then maybe a little... robble robble...."

Yep, I think you know where this is going. Thank the hundred little gods I didn't hear any chimes. Considering Kettie's lack of fundage, I'd really prefer it if they held off on the kiddos until after marriage.

You wipe that smug look off your face young lady. It's late and you should be getting to bed... er... going to sleep. Sherman's probably going to have to go to work in the morning, so he should get some shut eye too. It won't be good for his job performance if you wear him out.

All right, all right. *smirk*

Hi Don! Sorry about last night. There's no body visiting at the moment if you'd like to stop by.


*covers mouthpiece* Hey what? I told him last night he could stop by, since I had to be rude and hang up on him.

No, you told him you'd call him, not that he could drop by.

If you hadn't.... Oh, you're on your way? Great!


And The Don showed up like clockwork and proceeded to skip merrily to the far corner of the lot, waving as he did so. *giggles madly*

Maybe Don's not as manly as we've been lead to believe.

*grumblemumble* razzafrazzin....

Yeah, I really don't get the whole "corner of the lot" thing either. I'm damned tempted to put up a section of wall right next to the mail box and stick a door in it, just so stop this from happening.

At least I've got a good view for the walk

*roll eyes*

"Hey babe, it's good to see you again. You're looking fine this morning."

Hi Don. It's nice you could drop by.

Too bad he had to leave right away.

Hssst! He does not.

Well he's certainly not sticking around.

You're just jealous because Don is interested in me.

The Don is interested in anything that walks on two legs and has ovaries. Besides, you have Sherman. You don't need Don.

But it's Don!

And there will be no Don for you. Sorry. As I said, maybe if he spawns, one of your kids can hook up with them.

What about when you kill Sherman? Can I have him then?

I am not killing Sherman!

"You okay, beautiful?"

Huh? Oh.... ah... yeah. You're just squeezing me a bit tight.

"Sorry about that."


We finally got Don shooed off the lot...

No thanks to your grousing.

I decided to say "screw it" to the whole culinary career thing and had Kettie apply for the journalism career. She can work on her writing there. This meant she had the afternoon and evening free, so I had her ring up Sherman and invite him downtown for a romantic dinner.

Why do I think you have more in mind that just dinner?

Because I do. You guys have been seeing each other for several days now, and Sherman still hasn't asked you to move in. So I figured you'd ask him to go steady tonight, then tomorrow we can have you pop the question and get married.

Rushing things a bit, aren't you? What if we want a long engagement?

You aren't getting any younger.

Well... I don't know if tonight's the best night for it. Sherman's looking a little stressed.

It's probably just too dark for him. He'll be fine, I'm sure.

Um, Sherman....

"Yes dear?"

Well, we've been seeing each other a lot lately.

*chuckles* "Just a little."

And I really really like you, so.... controller wants me to ask you to go steady. Be officially boyfriend-girlfriend. That sorta thing.

Heh. Well, I guess that's a "Yes."

"Actually Kettie, I sort of had a question for you tonight as well..."


He already agreed to so steady with you, so we know he's not breaking up with you. So what's up?

If you'd shut up, I'd find out.

"I really really like you too and while it's great spending time with you over at your place, I was wondering... would you like to move in with me?"

Hmm... You mean shack up with you in the house you share with your mom and older sister?

"Er... not to dis your current 'one with nature' residence or anything, but we do have a few more luxuries. Televions. A computer. Walls. A roof."

*clears throat loudly*

Gosh, I thought you'd never ask Sherman. I'd love to.

Actually, Sherman really asked sorta like this. But where's the fun in that?

Note to self: get Sherman new pants. The baggy look -- while defining -- just don't cut it for him.

So Kettie said yes and, rather than hugging and kissing or anything, they both lit out for the taxi stand and drove off into the country.

Yeesh, they're out there a ways aren't they?

It's nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

It's one thing to 'get away'. It's another thing to be clear out in the frickin' boondocks.

OMG!! That's Don's house! I get to live by Don?

*headdesk* You're living with your boyfriend. I don't think he'd be too appreciative of you drooling all over his neighbor.

DON'S MY NEIGHBOR?!?! *squeeeee*

*covers ears*

"Well, here we are. Welcome home."

Wow. This place is wonderful. Thanks for inviting me to move in.

"Thanks for accepting."



Isn't this totally against legacy rules and stuff?

I thought we'd already discussed that I don't play by the rules. Yes, there's a bit more here than I expected but... we'll wing it.

"So just make yourself at home because, well, it is your home now. I'll see if some guys from work can help me move your things over here. We've got plenty of space."

Thanks. There's no rush. It's not like I had a lot of things that I just couldn't do without.

Gods I'm tired.

I'm sure if you mention it, Sherman will show you to your room.

I don't know... he's still looking pretty stressed. Maybe this has all been too much too fast for him.

Or maybe he's got something else on his mind that's got him stressed.

Performance issues?

You'd know more about that than me... but I kinda doubt that's it. *snicker*

Mmmm... you've got a lovely home.

"And I've got a lovely new roommate. There's just one thing..."

Er... what?

"I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and I realized there's one thing I've gotta know."

"You see... I love you Kettie, and I was wondering..."


"Would you marry me?"


Sheesh. Settle down. Take a breath before you puke all over Sherman or something.

OMG! What do I do? What do I say?

Um, how about telling him 'Yes'?

OMG! Yes. Yes I'll marry you Sherman.

"You had me worried for a moment there. I thought you'd forgotten how to breathe."

Well you did take my breath away.


Gods I love you.

And immediately after their engagement hug, the happy couple headed upstairs. I'll give you three guess what was on their minds.

Thankfully there were no chimes. I'm not sure these two are ready for kids yet.

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