Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dewy Scented Lawn

Let the farmer praise his grounds,
Let the huntsman praise his hounds,
Let the shepherd praise his dewy scented lawn;
Oh, but I, more wise than they,
Spend each happy night and day
With my darling little crúiscín lán, lán, lán,
With me darling little crúiscín lán!

*blink blink* *blink blink*


Um... what's going on?

What's it look like?

It looks like I'm hanging out on a big empty lot somewhere in... is this Riverview or Sunset Valley?


Riverview. Right. Ohmahgawd... does this mean you're trying yet another legacy?

Hey now. No reason to be like that.

You're getting to be as bad as Captain Angelia in starting stuff and not finishing it.

I am not. I'm not even sure I can do a legacy in The Sims 3. When I was playing TS3 before everything *gestures vaguely and sighs sadly* happened, I was having problems feeling the urge to blog and write about my TS3 simmies.

Don't start crying on me.

I'm not. But it brings up the reason you're here. Since I've -- understandably -- lost the motivation and inspiration to write about my other families...

*blink* all of them?

Pretty much. Well... if playing the other families in Baskerville moves me enough, the Shmeaus might return. But I make no promises on anyone else.

You're wimping out you know. Epic Fail.

Hmmph. Anyway, I thought I'd try my hand documenting a TS3 legacy. Nothing fancy. Probably more "X did this. Y got this job. Z married A." than anything plot driven. But I figured it might help me get a feel for storytelling in TS3.

You know there's rules for legacies in TS3... Oh... ow... now that gesture was rude and uncalled for.

What gesture? I was counting to 4.

That's not your 4th finger.

In binary.


With all due respect to Pinstar and his brilliant Legacy Challenge, I haven't played by his legacy rules since... um... late 2004? Early 2005? Sometime around Gen 3 of my first legacy, which was shortly before Uni came out.

So you're playing by your own rules this time too?

Of course. I'm not going for a full blown 10 generation legacy here. I'm aiming for 3 generations. I've made gen 3 several times with TS3 families. So, if I make that goal, I'll think about blogging farther.

But you're doing the standard legacy start? That's why I'm on the bare lot, right?

Er... no... I haven't done a "Living on the Lawn" family yet in TS3, so I was curious to see how things would go. Probably a piece of cake, since there's no weather.


There are other reasons too.

Oh? *peers around* So when's he showing up?


A certain green skinned Emperor of Evil.

Sorry, there are no verdant sims in Riverview.

Bwah? You're not putting him in the game?

Well... not in this hood or challenge.

Oh, he's going to be so pissed at you.

So what's new?

Well then, what are the other reasons you've got me living on this huge lot, other than the joy of subjecting me to constant exposure.

It all kind of depends on whom you marry. See, this is Riverview, and there are several nice guys running around town.

Oh! Don Lothario lives here, doesn't he? *bounces excitedly*

You are not hooking up with Don Lothario.

But why? He makes cute kids.

I know. He and Rhoda Bagley had a hunk of a son named Lynn in one of my other games.

Heh... Lynn. What a name for a boy.

Hey now. One of the teachers in my high school was named Lynn. He was the father of my class president.

The same class president who mooned your English class?

*sigh* The same. But all that's off the subject. Rhoda Bagley is on the subject.

I... um... hate to break this to you, but I like guys not girls.

I know, and Rhoda has a brother, Sherman.


Yeah. He married Ruby's founder and I fell in love with his antics in her blog. I'd started reading it before everyt...

What did I tell you about the crying?

Pfft. Anyway, when I decided to test out a TS3 legacy, I figured I'd be a shamelss copycat and see if the two of you hit it off. I was going to have you move into his place if you marry him.

You want me to see if I'm attracted to a guy named Sherman? Who's next, Mr. Peabody?

No. George Dean.


George Dean. He's Sherman's easy-on-the-eyes partner... or at least in Ruby's blog he is. The very first sim I played in TS3 married George. Unfortunately, on their wedding night he managed to set himself on fire and burn to death. And before you ask... no, I did not plan or arrange his death. Sheesh, do I look like Ruby or Lynn?

*evil grin*

Anyway, I felt horrible about the whole thing and have been looking for a way to make it up to him.

And I'm the way?!

Maybe. Depends on if you two hit it off. If you do, he'll move to your lot, because his house isn't big enough for a legacy. Of course, with story progression, you'll really only get a chance to hook up with one of them. The one you don't marry will grow old and die.

Assuming I marry one of them.

You've got to marry someone. How else will you have kids? By budding?

You do realize you have Indie Stone installed.

Yeah. It still worked with Awesomemod last time I checked. I haven't read MATY in the past week or two though.

Well, ISM will allow you to put a household in stasis. Assuming I marry one of the guys, you could always put the other one in stasis until my daughter is old enough for them.

You're assuming you a) have a daughter and b) your daughter is the heir.

I'm sure that at some point you can arrange a girl heir.

We'll see. Maybe I will put George in stasis for later though.

Whatever. I'm off to see what sort of primitive hell you're subjecting me to. Oh, a bookcase. How thoughtful of you.

Considering you're a bookworm, I thought it was a good investment. Plus you need to learn those skills.

Let's see... oh, we're living in the lap of luxury here. A fridge... a counter... a real bed. You must not be expecting me to get lucky.

You couldn't afford a double bed.

Oh goody, you got me a toilet! Yay!

I almost decided to have you ask the neighbors to use their bathroom, but decided against it. Since you're already going to have to run across town to use the showers at the gym, I figured making you leave the lot to tend to two hygenic needs was a bit much.

Gee thanks.

Yes, out of all the new items on the lot, sim!Keth decided to choose the biffy as the "new object" to get excited over. *facepalm*

Quit gapeing at your new furnishing and call up a taxi. You need to head downtown to look for your potential mate -- whomever he is -- before ISM marries him off to someone.

All right, all right. I'm hurrying.

Sadly, there was a distinct lack of eligible bachelors at the park. After feasting on burnt hot dogs and playing Foosball with the Lobos twins, sim!Keth headed off to...

The Graveyard.

Why am I going into the mausoleum?

You're exploring the catacombs.

And I'm exploring the catacombs because...?

Sometimes you score some pretty good stuff down there...

And other times you're mauled by bears. Oops.

WTF? Why are there bears living in the catacombs?

Beats the hell out of me Roy.

Where's Stephen Colbert when you need him?

I'm not sure if even Colbert is up to taking on mobs of marauding undead catacombs bears.

Damn. Well, I'm heading back to the pasture... er... home. I'm bushed.

You need to make a small detour first.


You need a shower. You're nasty.

I was just mauled by marauding undead catacombs bears!

And you were going to sleep on your clean sheets, in your new bed, when you're still coated in undead bear funk? To the showers!

::Hmmm... I wonder... if I joined the science career... could I invent a marauding undead catacombs bear repellent?::

So the next day we headed downtown again.

Why am I going to the Bistro? I can't really afford to eat there.

You spun up the want to join the culinary career.

I did? But I want to master the painting and writing skills.

Right now you need a job. You can't afford a computer, much less an easel. Heck, you can't even afford to pay the bills. I was going to have you go to work at the cemetery, but after the bear incident I figured that career was right out for now. And you wanted to join the culinary career.

*sigh* Maybe I'll grab a drink or three after I put in my application.

So you see, when Saturn tilts on its axis during its orbit, the rings will seem to disappear. As it moves farther on its orbit...

Pssst will tilt back and the rings will reappear. The earth does something similar...

Pssst! Why are you wearing your evening gown? And who are you talking to?

The Bistro has a dress code, and is very particular about its customers appearing properly dressed.

I see. And the person you're talking to?

His name's Angel.

Angel? He doesn't look like a vampire. He looks more like he's about to "make you an offer you can't refuse." Tell the nice man bye-bye and lets go check out the art gallery and the library. You might get lucky and meet one of your guys there.

Okay, so there was no one at the art gallery other than some high school chick doing her homework, so I sent sim!keth over to the library. Doesn't she look cute in her formal wear?

Maybe she'll impress one of the guys here. Billy Caspian is buried in a book in the corner, and couple other guys (Swallows? Shallows?) are roaming around as well.

Who cares about them? Look who's here!

OMG! It's Don! *slink* Heya


Don is not impressed, so quit skankin' it up and go talk to someone else.

Fine. I'll talk to Billy Creel here.

That's Billy Caspian. Billy Creel is a guy in Fallout 3. He lives in Megaton with his foster daughter.

Billy's kinda nice. He likes books too. I think we could get along really well.

And he's cute. That's a plus. He's scruffy and has black hair. That's not a plus.

Huh? Why not?

Well, if you're not going to hook up with Sherman, I'd like you to at least marry someone with some genetic diversity. I'm not looking forwards to generations upon generations of brunette and raven haired spawn.

I've got brown hair. Doesn't that mean my kids will have brown hair, regardless of what colour their dad has? Unless he's got black hair, of course.

Not necessarily. I've found TS3 likes to throw a surprise in there now and then.

Do I want to ask who and how...

No, you don't. *waves hand* These are not the spawn you're looking for. *makes shooing motions* Oh look at the time! You'd better scurry home before the ghosts come out. Tomorrow's your first day of work and you need your beauty rest.

Okay, okay. I'm going. Don left a little while ago anyway.


What the hell am I doing clear out here in the middle of this farm field?

I saw this meteorite when I was scrolling the neighborhood this morning while you slept. You need all the money you can get, so I figured you'd better run out and grab it before someone else found it.

It's a rock. It can't be worth that much.

Well, let's analyse it and see. Hmm... Well, it's worth §136. Not an amazing amount of money, but considering you've got all of about §37 in the bank, it's better than nothing.

*yawns boredly* Yay. I'm rich.

You're also stinky. Head over to the gym for a shower before you go to work. You can't impress the boss if you smell like leftovers that have, well, been left out in the sun too long.

Wow. The gym is pretty popular.

Yeah, you just missed all 36 bazillion members of the Broke family. They all piled into one of those little clown car hatchbacks and peeled out.

How did they all fit?

I don't want to know.

Now that you're clean, go talk to some people. Make some friends.

Hi, I'm... um... what the heck is my name in here. You keep calling me sim!keth, but I can't introduce myself to people that way.

Well, you can't use SK. Someone else already has dibs on that name.

So what am I supposed to use?

I don't know. Wing it until we come up with something.

Um.. Hi. I'm... ah... Kettie.

Kettie? That's what you're going with?

Would you prefer I used Umberto Brasilico or something?


OMG! Don is here!!

Don's looking kinda wimpy compared to Hunter there.

Yeah, Hunter is rather well built, isn't he? *rowr*

Hunter also lives by himself in a bunker clear back in the woods.

So? Maybe he can't afford to live anywhere else.

Or maybe there are other reasons he's out there. Anyway, you need to be to work soon, so say your adieus and hoof it downtown.

Oh, but before you head into work, chat up this lady here.

Why do I want to do that?

That's Ma Bagley, Sherman's mom.

What, I haven't met this Sherman of your's, so now you're going to hook me up with his mom? What did I tell you about my gender preferences?

Bah, it's nothing like that. If you get to me be good friend with Ma, she might invite you over to the house... which would allow you to meet Sherman.

Ah... I see...

Boy, you guys were talking a while there.

Yeah, I was almost late for my first day at work. I really need to speak to my boss about these uniforms. I look like a longshoreman.

Actually, you remind me more of a fishmonger.


sim!keth's first day at work went well. I discovered that with the culinary career you have the option to "practice cooking" at work, which raises the cooking skill, so sim!keth's been spending most of her work day skilling.

Uh huh... yeah... yeah she does think she's the boss of me or something...

Who are you talking to?

Hush. I'm talking to Don.

Put The Don down and get dressed. You've got a few hours before you have to go to work, so I was thinking to you pay a call on her new friend Ma... and her family.

I see.

You need a shower first though, otherwise your hygiene -- and your mood -- will be in the red when it comes time to go to work and...


Oh, he's here!

Who is?

He is!

You're not making sense.

Just hurry up with the shower and head upstairs.

*sighs dreamily*

What are you going all gooshy over there?

Don's upstairs, isn't he?

I would not be telling you to hurry it up if it was Don.


*pause* Hmm... that doesn't look like Don.

How many times do I have to tell you, I didn't send you up here for Don.

Sherman's here. This saves me having to send you out into the country to visit Ma Bagley.

That's Sherman?!


He's doing aerobics. What kind of guy does aerobics?

Umm... lots of guys, I'm sure.

::I wonder if it's too late to join the science career and learn to make robots.::

::Fully functional robots, capable of tending to a woman's every need. I wouldn't need a guy then.::

Stop it and go introduce yourself!

Hi. I'm Kettie.

Sherman. Sherman Bagley. Nice to meet you.

Bagley... is that like Baggins?


And at this point I began to realize the Sherman in my 'hood was not quite the same as the Sherman in Ruby's 'hood. Her Sherman is sweet and kinda clueless. My Sherman... thinks about bondage gear?

That's a bandit mask. I bet he's a policeman.

Riiiiiight. *raises an eyebrow at sim!keth* And he's not a policeman. He just told you he's in the military.

And he is kind of sweet and clueless, just like you said.

I think that's "friendly" and "good".

Friendly and good. Sweet and Clueless. Same thing. I'm not sure how much we have in common though. I mean, he likes mariachi music...

Actually that's Salsa or Latin music.

... while I like classical.

I think you have more in common than you think.

Besides, you're having a good time talking, aren't you?

Well... yes.

I thought so. You've been chatting all afternoon.

He thinks I'm funny.

Funny is good. At least he doesn't think you're boring.

Shouldn't I, like, maybe get to know some other men too... just to see if there's anyone else out there? Someone like Don, or Billy?

Don't you remember what happened when you tried to chat up Billy yesterday?

Oh yeah. That went kind of poorly.

Ya think?

Well what about Don?


Why n...

Just No.

As it is, you need to head out. You're missing work now.

So what? I'd just be scrubbing dishes. I hate that job. Why'd I roll up the want for it?

I don't know, but it's the only way you're making money right now. You can call Sherman up when you get home. Besides, you've been chatting with him so long he's gotten stinky. He probably wants to shower and catch a bite to eat.

I think there's another reason he's all stinky.

Sometimes I wonder why I let you leave the lot.

Oops, sorry. Off to work now. Ta!


Work sucked.

I know work sucked. I'd have you quit, since you don't have a job related LTW, but Blue Valkyrie needs money badly.

Whatever. Can I call Sherman before I fall asleep on my feet? You said I could.

Go right ahead.

Why's he running way over there? I'm over here.

Well... you do have a huge lot.

So. The mailbox is right here.

But apparently Sims are idiots who have to run way over to the far side of the lot to arrive.

I don't get it.

I don't either, so quit grumping and go greet him. You need to chat him up a bit more, find out if he's seeing anyone, stuff like that.

All right, all right. I'm going.

So my controller got this wild idea from seeing you on the web that we'd make a really cute couple or something and wants me...

"Seeing me on the web? What? Has someone put a Nasti-cam up in my bathroom or something? How did she 'see' me?"

It wasn't really you. Well, it was sorta kinda you. It was another you that was on her friend's computer. It wasn't the you you that's here now.

"Er... okay ... Are you sure there's no Nasti-cam?"


"Want to help me 'check':?"

*blink blink* Annnnyyyyway... my controller thought you were adorably dorky and figured we'd be great together, so she's been dragging me all over town trying to meet you. And now that I've met you, she wants me to ask...

Are you, like, seeing anyone right now?

"Um... yes. I have a girlfriend, Ruby."

*blink blink* Ruby?!

Psst. Isn't Ruby the name of your friend with the blog?

Yes. Her founder was named Ruby too

Ruby Tuesday?

Grr... her founder was also named Ruby. There, happy?

No. You put her founder in Riverview. How am I supposed to hook up with Sherman when you sabotaged me from the very beginning?!

I didn't put her founder in Riverview. You're the only sim I added. Trust Sherman to find the only Ruby in the 'hood. Since it's apparently Fate that he be hooked up with her, why don't you say good night and tomorrow we can hunt down someone new. Sherman's about ready to fall asleep on his feet.

Oh hell no!

You've dragged me all over town trying to find and meet Sherman. I'm not letting him go without a fight. Besides, you were right. He is kinda cute.

Heh. She throws a fit the whole time about being told who she's supposed to meet. The minute she finds out she can't have him, she's all over him.

So Sherman... are you and Ruby engaged? When's the wedding date?

"Oh, we just started dating a few days ago."

I see...

I don't like that look in your eye.

Sherrrm... is Ruby a good girl...

Or does she know about... 'things'?

"Hmmm.... tell me more about these... 'things' you speak of." *leering brow waggle*

*facepalm* Yes, sim!keth's flirting involved a feather duster. Considering we've already seen Sherman's obsession with masks, these two may be made for each other. It also goes to prove that I am always cursed with having warped sims in my hoods. *snicker*

Whatever she whispered in his ear apparently had the right effect on him. That or she'd kept him up so long that he was dead asleep on his feet and had no idea what he was doing.


Okay, I really like him. He's not Don but he's got his own charm. He is kind of clingy...


...though. Er... pardon?

Well between his mask fetish and you and your feather dusters... wink wink nudge nudge knowwhatImean?

Do not make me come through that screen and hurt you.


There's just one little thing to take care of...

Sherman, I really like you...

"I like you too Kettie."



You're dating someone else. The rules say that I can't date you if you have someone else.

Rules? What rules? I don't recall anything like that in my..

Hsst! Don't blow this for me.

"Ah, sort of a 'her or me' situation. I understand."

You do?

"Of course. I'd take you over Ruby anytime. Not that she'll be too happy about that though. I'd be careful next time you're downtown."

Does this mean my trash can is in danger?

I don't know

So... what's next?

Well, other simmers would have you two go at it like bunnies until you're knocked up, then have a shotgun wedding. Of course, some of these same simmers would find Sherman terribly expendable after he'd sired an heir and a spare.

What?! You'd have me go through all this to find and marry him, and then kill him off?

I'm not planning on it. Ruby tried to, but it didn't work.

Whew. Glad to hear. Hmmm... wait... if Sherman dies, can I have Don?

WTF is it with The Don?!

He's Don!

*sigh* You are not getting Don. And don't give me that "we'll see" look. You two have yapped all through the night. Why don't you go catch some shut eye.

Shouldn't I propose to Sherman or something, so that Ruby doesn't get him back?

Not yet. I want to see if he'll invite you to move in with him. It happened with one of my other sim-selves. Otherwise I'll have to have you move in with him before the wedding.

Is Sherman going to head home or will he stick around a while?

You invited him to stay over. He'll probably crash on the couch.

However, Sherman completely ignored the couch, preferring to wander around, whine about being tired, and fall asleep standing up. I even booted sim!keth out of her twin bed, sold off the bed and the couch, and bought a double bed. Sherman decided he would rather pass out in the kitchen.

What the hell sort of man have you arranged for me to fall in love with?

Heh. Get used to that position of his, honey.

And just what do you mean by that?


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